This week "A Daily Show with Jon Stewart" has been doing a series called "Bush's Bucket List." The theory is that he's started running down the list of all the things he wants to do before he kicks the political bucket (aka leaves office in about a year).

Recently, Bush paid a visit to a region of the world I call Israelistine. This is his first visit there since taking power in 2000 (!) and we can only assume this is his attempt to broker some sort of peace in the Middle East. Ironic considering how much war he caused there.

That aside, today I saw an article at (part of which is screencapped above) regarding how Bush wants to get an economic stimulus package going for the US (…196517.stm) that will be worth $145 billion.

So, let me get this straight:

After waging two failed wars that ran the price of oil through the roof and the value of the dollar through the floor, he thinks a simple stimulus package including "tax incentives for US business and direct tax relief for the American people" is enough to "keep our economy going and creating jobs."

DUDE, you borrowed a trillion dollars to fight two wars you've effectively lost. It's going to take more than tax breaks to bring this economy back. It's also going to take more than that to save your legacy.

It's ironic that Bush thinks his legacy should be his attempts to bring stability to the Middle East and to save our economy considering he destroyed both to begin with. It's a shame that his legacy won't be jail time. Sadly, when you're a criminal in the Oval Office, you don't even get impeached. The latest reason for this, so says Congressman (and former pro-impeachment guy) John Conyers, is that there isn't enough time left in Bush's term for impeachment proceedings to complete.

There's some more irony for you. Bush got into office because there wasn't enough time for a full recount. Now he won't leave early because there's not enough time to impeach. I guess even Justice has to deal withe scheduling issues.
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