This is ThePete's T-shirt of the day for 1/15/8. It's my One Tee. According to the product page it is: "The very 1st design for our new line of organics from Bethlehem, West bank. 100% soft combed organic cotton, union made at a Palestinian owned factory in Bethlehem, West Bank, fashionably cut & just might help tease apart the Gordian knot of global geopolitics."

The coolest part is that: "One dollar from each t-shirt goes to Parent's Circle, the association of bereaved Palestinian & Israeli families working for reconciliation through educational outreach."

Read more about Parent's Circle here:

Buy your own One Tee here:…rchant.mvc

Don't like the design but want to support the cause? Check out other Tees made by the same folks here:…

And don't worry--they're not just a Palestinian charity, but an Israeli one, too. I think that keeps you out of the way of the Patriot Act. :) Plus it, you know, helps people.
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