So, I haven't been posting much because I've been addicted to tweaking my OLPC--as you can see above, I tweaked the file that tells the XO what XO icons should look like. The default is the XO logo with an outline, rather than the solid, colored XO logo, like the one on the back of the actual XO's display.

Sadly, every time I install an updated OS it seems to erase most of the apps I've installed. I've installed Opera, Comix (a comic reader), FBReader (ebook reader), Flash, and a few other apps three times :\

I've also discovered installing a developer build (an updated but unfinished OS for software developers) stops me from accessing Opera from anywhere but from inside Terminal, which isn't a huge deal but it does require I type the word "opera". SHUDDER!

I've installed Firefox, and while it seems a bit slower than Opera, it does sync up my bookmarks with the install of Firefox on my MacBook, which is very cool.

Flash websites do work in all of the browsers (including the XO's on-board browser, a trimmed down version of Firefox), but not that well, which is sad to me, but since I only use a handful of Flash-based sites (,,,, I'll survive. Sites like Youtube and work reasonably well). Mplayer runs a STACK of media formats on the XO. I've played mp3s, mp4s, asfs, movs, flvs, and a few others.

This week, I'll be using the XO as my primary laptop, starting tomorrow with my Saturdaily writer's meeting--4 hours of sitting in a coffee house working on my novel on this tiny keyboard! Wish me luck!

If you're in LA on Saturday and have an XO, why not stop by Groundwork (on the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga) on Saturday around 5pm and we can Mesh!

This concludes my XO update for today!
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