Above is a screencap of part of the very first post I wrote about Sibel Edmonds way back in 2004 (http://thepete.com/…efore-911).

As a translator for the FBI, Edmonds says she saw hard evidence in the days after 911 that there were warnings that 911 was going to happen. When she tried to tell people about this, Ashcroft legally gagged her. She eventually got fired and she's been trying to get her story out sideways ever since--that was almost four years ago.

She was quiet for a long time (or maybe it was just that the media wasn't covering her), but now she's spoken to http://TimesOnline.co.uk/ and to BradBlog.com--why to only them? Because, essentially, no one else will listen.

Here are some links if you're interested:

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Finally, Edmonds' own website:


Please check this stuff out--if only to learn about it for yourself. But if you are as concerned as I am, please pass on this story to other folks.

Seems there are a lot of well-known-names that are involved in allowing nuclear secrets to get out and, essentially, allowing 911 to happen.

Weee, nothing like some conspiracy crap to make your morning exciting!
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