OK, so here's the deal. I have no budget. So, I can't blog about stuff I see first hand at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (check out more about CES 2008 at CESWeb.org). During shows like CES or any other time of the year, I blog about the stuff that I care the most about. I'll be following the other gadget blogs and I'll post here only on the stuff I think is really worth it. So much of what is churned out every year is just the same old crap. Faster, slicker, bigger, smaller, whatever--it's all the same. Very rarely do we see anything that truly innovates. Some good examples:

1) Nintendo's Wii console gaming system: It's changed the way video games are played and showed that how you play a game is just as important as the games themselves (if not more so).

2) OLPC XO laptop computer: This thing showed us that you can exploit a market without exploiting it. OLPC charges $200 per laptop to governments and NGOs and that's just how much it costs to make. OLPC is a non-profit, so we get an innovative laptop while NO ONE makes a profit, which is innovative in itself.

3) UMPCs: Ultra-Mobile PCs are (almost) full-powered computers that you take with you. I feel that being able to pick up your desktop computer, stick it in your pocket and take it with you is a real innovation. However, they've been around for a while, so I'll only blog about ones that really do something differently.

I may also blog on the overhype, too. It's hard to resist slamming an overhyped Apple product. After all, the iPhone is not what Jesus would have used. When I come across a phone I think the son of God would have used, you can bet I'll blog on it here. In the meantime, I'll just point and laugh at all the suckers who put up with no free VoIP calls, no video recording and no cut and paste (I STILL can't believe the iPhone can't do this!!).

So, there ya go. If you just want to read about the steady stream of the same old thing coming out of electronics companies around the world, hit the other tech blogs, not TheTech.ThePete.Com. If you want to read about what I think is truly innovative and bad-ass, stop by here.

And hopefully the tags will work by then :(

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