So, after hanging out with TheWife for a couple hours as we window

shopped around Downtown Disney in Anaheim, we asked a concierge where

the nearest Starbucks was. He handed us the above card. Turns out it

directed me to take a longer route than I needed to to a Starbucks that

was a chintzy little one in a hotel.

From there, I got directions to another one on the other side of town

that just opened. Got there to discover they don't have wifi--too new.

So I walk another three miles back to Downtown Disney, via another route

in case there's another Starbucks (there wasn't).

Now, I'm back, Downtown-Disney-adjacent, in the Disney Grand Hotel,

after walking just short of 5 miles. I am sitting in a giant comfy

chair and may just fall asleep. Or web surf. Not sure which.
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