Positive Experience/Entertaining? If you like incredibly well-made movies, YES. While not entirely fulfilling generally speaking, the film makes up for it in the "just damn good, otherwise" department.

Technically any good? While the script does sneak in a few contrivances and conveniences, over all I found the film a joy to watch, mainly because all of the lead characters seemed smarter than me. I'm not some brainiac, but most characters in movies these days are dumb as posts, so, I thank the script for being so smart. The acting was AMAZING. EFFING JAVIER BARDEM!!! MAN!!! But honestly, everyone was spot-on in this movie. From the wife to the lead (Josh Brolin) to the supporting lead (Tommy Lee Jones) to, of course, EFFING JAVIER BARDEM!!! The Coen Brothers have finally made a film that you could call a spiritual sequel to Blood Simple. You're lucky this is a Pocket Review because there's not a whole lot more that should be said about this film aside from the answer to the next question.

How did it leave me feeling? TENSE! Not only did I have a massive burp to release after the credits rolled, but for hours afterward, I kept sighing to release the tension the film built up in me. While the film is not perfect, you WILL be on the edge of your seat. OK, one last question and there's seriously nothing else that needs to be said about this movie in a review:

Final Rating? GSN - GO SEE NOW. You will thank me for it.


Orignal From: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007)