In just a handful of hours, I will be "Waiting for XO" NO MORE!!!

Yes, the time in which you will have to endure crappy puns like the one in the title is almost over!

Who am I kidding? Once that thing gets here, I'll have been XOfied! And any time you read something I've posted about it, you'll be getting a glimpse into the XOniverse! But don't get mad if I sign anything "XO" because it probably just means "kiss" and "hug" which is actually what the XO was named after.


ANYway, in case you missed my post about this yesterday, I'll be broadcasting the unboxing of my XO live at at 2PM Pacific Time--unless I just can't bear to wait--which might be the case. Of course, if you miss the live broadcast, I'll be posting the video at http://TheTech.ThePete.Com/ and my Utterz page as soon as I can tear myself from my XO. ^_^
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