Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely so. We all need to see this movie so we can learn how not to run a business. Also, we need to see this movie so we can look for stupid choices being made in the corporations we work for.

Technically any good? While we don't get much of the other side, I'm not sure there is much of one. Enron fell apart for a reason. This film presents what those reasons are likely to have been. I'm not sure what the other side of the argument was--maybe that Enron CEO Ken Lay was really just blowing in the wind of Jeffrey Skilling's hot air? That's certainly what the film suggests, even if it doesn't explore it as much as it probably could have.

How did it leave me feeling? Depressed, but educated. What is particularly weird is that this film, the DVD and the extras on the DVD were all produced before Ken Lay's death. As a result, there is a sense that there is still hope for justice in the case. Ironic, since after Lay's death, after being found guilty but before sentencing, he had his guilty verdict revoked or reverted or something like that--basically, he's been made unguilty. This happens to people who die before they are sentenced.

Final Rating? GSN - Go See Now--for irony's sake. In the end, Lay got away with it.