OK, I've been super busy on the OLPCNews.com/forum over the past couple of days. So much so that they've gone and made me a moderator. Wow--sounds like some 1950s scifi supervillain: I am the MODERATOOORRR!!

Anyway, so I've been missing a lot of non-XO related stuff to blog on, so be sure to take some time away from celebrating that fictional--I mean--messiah guy's birthday next week to catch up on what I've been reading/hearing about over the past several days. There has been a lot of screwed up stuff going on that I think is important for us all to know about and it ain't makin' DrudgeReport or CNN.com. But that's next week.

TODAY, one of my pals over at Utterz.com, she goes by PixelFish, got her XO delivered today. Check out her Utterz profile to see all of her pics and her 9 minute first-day-audio-review of the XO is a pretty good listen, as well.

She was pretty excited about getting it today--I'd probably get in trouble if I mentioned the things she messaged me during the day today (RANDY!)--no, I'm kidding. But she was very excited, so much so that she started posting her own version of the LOLCatz pictures. For her it was all about where her XO really was. Check out the first one she posted:

PixelFish also did a great Star Wars-related one, though the best one was when she theorized that her XO was on that damn island with Tom Hanks. Luckily, her XO was shipped by ground from Illinois, so, the worst that could have happened was that it might have gotten stuck in the snow on the way to Boston.

Speaking of Illinois, my XO left Chicago this morning at 11:30am. Have a look at proof:

So, seeing that the FedEx website estimates my XO will be delivered on Friday, 12/21, I flashed back to when I first drove to LA from the east coast. It took me six days and I took my sweet time. They're coming from Chicago, so, that should mean it'll only take them three days. Since my XO technically left the Wheeling warehouse on Monday, that means it should only take about three days from then, which was when FedEx first picked it up. That would put it into LA on Wednesday or Thursday at the absolute latest.

Suspicious, I decided to confirm this with a quick visit (and screencap) at Google Maps. Here's what I found:



So, by that measure, if my XO left Chicago this morning, assuming it took Google's route of course, it should arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow (Wednesday) at around 4:30PM--WAIT--no--that's wrong. My XO left at 11:30AM Central Time. That's 9:30AM Pacific Time, so that means it should be in LA tomorrow by 2:30PM!

I can see it now:

My XO arrives Friday afternoon. I take it out and immediately get cross with it:

"Where have you been, young laptop?!?!"

"I was coming from Chicago!" my little XO would reply.


Then the XO would look up at me with it's adorable little, dual mode display and my heart would melt. I'd take it in my arms and... and...

AHEM... sorry...

ANYWAY, so, that's the OLPCSOLPotD for December 18, 2007! Day 5 of "Waiting for XO!"

Thanks for reading!

Orignal From: OLPCXOLPotD: Friend of ThePete Gets Her XO and Mine is On the Move!