OK, well, it's been several days of suppressing frustrations that would have resulted in a double-barreled verbal assault on a for-profit corporation, as I play the "Waiting for XO" game. Mind you, it's only day 4 of the 10-day window they promised us Day 1 Donors (D1Ders=we ordered our XOs on November 12, 2007, the first day of the Give 1 Get 1 program). So, I'm exhibiting the anxiousness associated with being a gadget freak and a gearhead and not the patience of a rational adult. That said, I'm not threatening to demand a refund like at least one person did on the OLPCNews.com forums.

This is especially true since I've been able to talk with Courtney. Who is Courtney? She is the helpful, warm, friendly and very patient representative at OLPC I ended up speaking with after I got fed up with calling FedEx every day and getting no useful information. Courtney was able to both give me a confirmation number (that I can effectively use as a tracking number) and confirm that my order had been "sent to shipping." That means that my XO has begun its trip to me. I confirmed this with the FedEx website. Check out the screencap below:

So, I don't have a delivery date and my XO is still in Illinois as of this post, but from what I've read on the OLPCNews forums, the theory is that it will arrive 3-5 days after it leaves. So, by that logic, I should be looking for an XO on my doorstep sometime between Thursday and Saturday. Which is fine, but not as cool as getting it last week. I have to decide if it's even worth it to unbox the XO live on BlogTV.com or not, now. I mean, what's the point since so many people who ordered XOs already got theirs?

In other news, I found the Flickr pool for OLPC XOs! It's got loads of great pics of the XO in various stages of existence. From shots of just the OS to the prototype, to early builds of the laptop, to G1G1 XOs in the hands of their new owners. Check it out:

I can't wait to add mine to that pool.

Sadly, there is a brick to report today, however. The first DOA XO fell into the hands of Charles Hoey, who guest blogged today about his experience at OLPCNews.com. Here's a cutting:
So, I was a first day donor (bought online about two hours in) and finally got my XO this morning... and it is DOA! No lights, no power.

Like many of us, I've been reading the blog posts from folks who'd gotten theirs already, and I've been dying to get my hands on one. You can only imagine the horror as it slowly set in that I wasn't doing anything wrong, but that my XO was actually completely non-functional (no charge lights or power up or errors, no activity at all).

Thankfully, Charles is, so far, the only person to have had FedEx deliver a brick. Let's hope it stays that way.

Finally, I'd like to close today's OLPCXLPotD with an XO-related pet peeve. Yes, I already have one despite not even having an XO yet. Mainly, it's the name of the laptop, itself.

People think that because the non-profit org that is behind the XO laptop is called "OLPC" that you call the laptop "OLPC." This, from my point-of-view, is not the case. OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child, not Overt Laptop Personal Computer, or something. Yet, I'm seeing people all over the place referring to the diminutive green and white laptop as "the OLPC".

The acronym OLPC represents the concept behind the laptop--the laptop has had several names over it's two years of development, but it's final name--the one it has on the back of the display of every new laptop made is: "XO."

I'm not suggesting a world-wide campaign against the calling of XOs by the acronym "OLPC." I'm just trying to help people understand what's what. I could refer to my MacBook as "an Apple" but that would seem pretty vague to me. So, know your phrasing! Or I'll call the English police on you... or some crap. :)

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