Positive Experience/Entertaining? Certain aspects of the movie were fun and enjoyable, but ultimately, I wouldn't recommend it for anything but a rental. Seeing it on the big screen is probably better for the experience, but the rest of the movie falls rather flat, so I think it evens out in the end.

Technically any good? CG FX were AMAZING. Seriously, I was surprised at how little trouble I had with the CG animation itself. Sadly, that's where the amazing ends. The lead actress was really solid and while Daniel Craig was great as Lord Azriel (sp?), he was hardly in the movie. Everyone else was a big "meh," ranging from Sam Elliot's always cool/solid/enjoyable/but-getting-boring performance to Nicole Kidman's laughable "I'm EVIL" routine. Story felt like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book without the choices. There was no real story development--we are whisked from one plot point to the next, to the next and suddenly, this lab in the arctic is exploding. Not sure why, or how, or what it all means because no one stops and questions even when what is going on makes little sense (why did she have to take the ice bridge over the chasm instead of flying??).

How did it leave me feeling? Really disappointed. I went into this movie very excited and happy to see it. So, this was not me predicting a sucky movie--I wanted to like it. As for the Christians who wanted to boycott this film due to it being based on a book by an Atheist? As an Atheist, I can tell you--this movie was actually pretty Christiany, in my opinion. Personally, I think you should boycott it because it was rushed, flat and not very good.

Final Rating? RTB - Read The Book. I've heard the book is excellent--and you don't even have to wait for the sequels. They're already out. Plus you don't have any crappy acting from Nicole Kidman to deal with (Hey, Nic, if you're reading this--real evil isn't worn on your sleeve!)

Orignal From: GOLDEN COMPASS (2007)