OK, not a whole lot going on in the XOniverse today--at least not that I can see. My XO has yet to arrive and news is sparse. That's not to say there is no news at all. Thanks to a mistranslated article from a Chinese-language news source, it turns out that Quanta, the company manufacturing the XO laptops in China, will be shipping 100,000 XOs per month and not 10,000 as initially deciphered (I'm guessing by Google translator). That story comes to us from Engadget.com.

We do have two new places to discuss the XO, however. Well, one is new and the other is new to me. The first one (this is the one that's new to me) is fyx.us That's a forum dedicated to discussions of the XO. I found it on Doug Johnson's blog. He's the grandfather who got his XO before any of us uber-geeks. I don't begrudge him--he asks in his blog:
And FedEx. PLEASE deliver some other folks their XOs. The pressure here is getting to me!

Aww. I'm sure no one means to pressure good, old Doug! We're just happy (envious) that he's been kind enough to answer a good number of our questions and share his initial experiences. And aside from that--I'm just thinking how cool it is that we live in a world where grandfathers have blogs. ^_^

ANYway, so Fyx.us is where Doug goes to talk about the XO, though he's only posted once since getting his XO (he's a very busy man, he says) and the other forum I suspect will be more popular for three reasons: location, location, location.

It's the OLPC News Forum at olpcnews.com/forum/index.php OLPCNews.com is already the only site to go to for independent news about the XO and the OLPC non-profit org. It makes sense to assume that their forum is where most people will end up talking about the XO. Still, it's a good idea to swing by Fyx.us, too. You never know--you might find the answer to your question at one forum but not the other.

And finally, the date all of us Day 1 Donors have been waiting for has arrived! It's Friday the 14th of December, 2007!! Today is the day the official delivery window opens for the XO!! Sometime in the next ten days (!) I'll be getting my XO along with everyone else (in theory) who placed their XOrder (HA!) on day 1 of the G1G1 program. At least, that's the XO laptop delivery window given to us in that Welcome to OLPC email a couple weeks back. Doug Johnson got his on Tuesday of this week and someone called Drew got his on Wednesday. I think I'll probably be sooo whiny if I don't get mine today. :)

I should have added a caveat to my Unboxing My XO Live Vlog entry from yesterday by saying that I'd unbox my XO live on the Internet if it arrived before everyone else's unboxing pics hit the web. Not much point in going live if everyone's already seen what you'll be doing. :\ I'm jobless right now, so I'm home all day--when my XO arrives, I'll be ready with my webcam. ^_^

I'll try to give an hour's notice before I open it. Of course, I say that now. ^_^

I wish I could just go into suspended animation or Cold Sleep until my XO gets here...