The description of this video on YouTube: "Students in Ban Samkha village in northern Thailand has formed a band playing traditional music with the XO."

To me this is just one great example of how the XO is more than just a toy to these kids. It's allowed them to learn to play traditional music from their culture without using a musical instrument--well, not a dedicated musical instrument, anyway. ^_^

Found this video on here:

But it's home on YouTube is here:

And in case you're looking for more videos on the XO laptop or OLPC, check out YouTube here:

There are stacks of 'em!

ALSO: The Give 1 Get 1 program is still going! It's got three more weeks to go! If you're thinking about ordering one for yourself and for a 3rd World child for $400, you've got 3 more weeks to make up your mind. I hope you'll go for it. It's not every day you can give a tool for learning like the XO laptop to a child in a developing nation (you'll also get a year's free T-Mobile wifi HotSpot service).

ONE LAST THING: By OLPC's estimates, Day 1 Donors (like myself) should begin receiving our XO laptops starting 12/14. That's just five days from today. If you're a D1D or are thinking about taking part in the G1G1 program but want more info, please stop by my blog ( ) for more or just watch my Utterz and those of PixelFish ( ) for posts about OLPC, the XO in general, and our experiences with our own XO laptops. You can also visit or

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