So, remember how Nicholas Negroponte's plan was to create an educational laptop so cheap even governments of 3rd World countries would want to buy one per each child in their country (hence the name of their non-profit: One Laptop Per Child)? Well, if it's cheap enough for 3rd World governments to buy it, you shouldn't be surprised when the 1st World city government of Birmingham, Alabama is interested in picking up a few XO laptops for their first-graders. That's according to a December 5, 2007 post at

This is, of course, proof that kids today have it so much easier than I did!!

Little bastards!!!

Kids will own the XOs, themselves, which I think is a great idea--if I had a gadget like that when I was in first grade (!!) I'd have treated it like the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, since, that's what one would have meant to me as a kid. The alternative means that the kids treat the XOs as school-owned equipment, therefore, something they can beat the crap out of with the idea that the school will pay to replace it.

I suppose I shouldn't be too jealous of these kids since they have to wait until April to get their XO laptops while I only have to wait another week or two for mine. HAHA! TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE BRATS!! I'LL BE SURFING FOR PORN BEFORE YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO LOG INTO DISNEY.COM!

I showed those little kids... grumblegrumblegrumble...GET OFF MY LAWN!!