Inspired by soundwriter's Utter about Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Musical (, I thought I'd post track 2 from CD1 as a kind of introduction to folks who aren't familiar with it. It's a long track but the full album is a 2-CD set. The music is a tiny bit dated (prog-rockish), but most of it still manages to give me chills ^_^

The full album is definitely worth picking up ( if you like this one track. If only Wixi was out of invite-only/private beta I'd upload the entire album so anyone who friended me could listen to all of it.

Quick backstory for anyone wondering just what the heck I'm talking about: Back in the late 1970s, British musician/composer Jeff Wayne decided to do a musical version of the classic scifi novel by HG Wells. As a lot of musicals do, he did a concept album first--the idea behind concept albums is to show potential investors how good the show was without having to stage it (my wife sang the title character in one: As I understand it, Wayne had tried for years to get this on stage, but it never happened--until recently. In the UK and Australia, the show has performed (and still is, I think) and you can learn more about all of it by checking out the official website:

Sadly, that site is a little confusing and assumes you know everything about the show already and since you probably don't, check out the Wikipedia entry here:

Oh and the Speilberg movie from a couple years back?

This is definitely nothing like that. This is, you know, *good*.

Special thanks to PixelFish for including soundwriter's post in her post of Some Nifty Utters (
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