So, I'm doing a bit of research tonight for a (poorly) paid blog gig that I have and I come across a post on Engadget about how there was supposed to be some Earth-saving material announced at some dinner-thing in London yesterday ( The thing is, the dinner happened, Al Gore was there, but no new material was disclosed or discussed (apparently) and so it's a big mystery as to what the hell this crap was supposed to be. In the initial Engadget post announcing the announcement dinner (, the post quotes one guy who knows what the stuff is:
British Inventors' Society founder Kane Kramer, would only go so far as to describe it as "a new science, a Super Material," adding that, "It would be 80 per cent cheaper than any alternative means of production, and it will contribute in a major way to reducing climate change."

Well, that clears things up--whaaaa?

So, no answers, but I did learn some interesting things by reading the comments of that first post I stumbled across:

There's a way to turn excess CO2 from factory smoke stacks into baking soda. (

While Al Gore didn't invent the Internet, according to Internet Godfather Vint Cerf, he did help: "While it is not accurate to say that VP Gore invented Internet, he has played a powerful role in policy terms that has supported its continued growth and application, for which we should be thankful.

We're fortunate to have senior level members of Congress and the Administration who embrace new technology and have the vision to see how it can be put to work for national and global benefit." (

Back in August of this year there was a new substance announced called Aerogel that can protect "against bomb blasts, mop up oil spillages and even help man to fly to Mars." Aerogel is the white stuff above protecting crayons from an open flame. (

With so many good ideas out there, we humans must be uniquely suited to being lame to screw it all up.

Anyway, so, uh, weeee! Cool stuff and mysteries abound!
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