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A recent Utter from PixelFish (www.utterz.com/~u-NDk4MzUzNA/utt.php) gave me the idea to post my list of books that I absolutely couldn't live without. These are not just books I like, but books that I like to have within arm's length at all times.

Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (link: urltea.com/29ey)
Watchmen by Alan Moore (link: urltea.com/29ew)
Ghost in the Shell by Shiro Masamune (link: urltea.com/29f0)
1984 by George Orwell (duh) (link: urltea.com/29f4)

Hiram Key by Lomas & Knight (link: urltea.com/29f5)
Second Messiah by Lomas & Knight (link: urltea.com/29f6)
Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln (link: urltea.com/29f7)
People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (link: urltea.com/29f9)
Sugar Blues by William Dufty (link: urltea.com/29f8)
The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century by Robert Lomas (can't find this online)
Elements of Style by Strunk & White (though I never refer to it enough) (link: urltea.com/29fb)

Is it lame that three of my top four books are graphic novels (aka comic books)? FYI: the edition of "Ghost in the Shell" that I own is the annotated Japanese/English version that contains both the original language and the English translation. The one I link to above is the censored, US printing. I don't know where to get the version I have any more. I don't think it's in print any longer :(

By the way, the image atop this post is from the Watchmen - Absolute Edition (which is on my shelf along with a soft cover version) which you can find here: urltea.com/29f1

Regarding "The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century," that's a biography about Nikola Tesla, the guy who invented AC current (that stuff coming out of your wall outlet). He was an amazing guy--if you can find anything about him, grab it. He invented much more than AC.

Regarding all the "crazy" non-fiction books ("Hiram Key" & "Holy Blood..." etc.) I don't believe in anything, but I consider a lot. Alternative views are always important and these books provide them.

I hope to review more books for my PocketReviews.net website. Just too busy! In fact, I must run and post some eBay auctions!! ARG!
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