Hey, check it out! It's a screencap of the email I just got from OLPC
regarding my day-one purchase of an XO laptop! SWEET! They're saying
my donated laptop is already on the way to a kid in a 3rd World
country! Awesome. Seriously, that just feels cool to have paid for
one of these for some kid someplace. I just wish we could be in touch
with the kid to help him/her out and encourage them to learn and to
help out when we can.

And the email does one worse--it gives me a window of when to expect
my XO to be delivered. It's a TEN DAY WINDOW! I'm going to be
driving my wife crazy between the 13th and the 24th as I bounce off
the walls waiting for my XO to show up. Anyway, that's the update for

OH wait--Laptopmag.org did do a comparison between the XO and the
eee--which to me is way too much like comparing Windows machines to
Macs. Ultimately, it's up to user preference. They both have
strengths and weaknesses depending on what you're looking for in a
low-power-consuming, portable PCish device. Feel free to have a read
if it'll help you decide which you'd rather buy
though for $400 you might as well go with the XO so a 3rd World kid
can get one, too.
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