This was a very strange thing to discover: a website that contained a blog that seemed to be auto-excerpting other people's blog posts from other people's websites, I'm guessing, without their permission. Here's a screencap I took of one:

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Isn't that bizarre? A headline, followed by two less-than subtle gAds followed by the "post" that begins with "nikes4wholesale had some great ideas on this topic" followed by an excerpt of an actual post someplace followed by a link to the original post. That linkback is nice and all, but, really, this is pretty sleazy. If I found someone pilfering my content like this I'd be really annoyed. I'm very curious how this works--the dude must be using a WordPress plugin that grabs feeds and then posts only excerpts with the beginning added in.

Of course, anyone who sees this blog will realize it's fake when blogger names like "nikes4wholesale" and the one in the screencap below:

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Yeah, "unknown" sure does have some great ideas on this topic!

Now, it looks, to me, like that plugin must surf search engine results for cell phone-related posts because check out this next screencap to see what happens when it stumbles across a post about that mentions cell phones but isn't really about them:

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And a couple more:

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WHOOPS! Now this site hates immigrants!

I'm really thinking that Google should do something about these people. For one, the people who run these kinds of sites are not real blogging. They're not even providing original content--sure, blogs like mine and many others do post other folks' content, but it's not like I just post excerpts and walk away. Even my TheMiniBlog is more about pointing to things that are cool, rather than simply lifting other people's content and making money off of it. The site that I stumbled across is obviously not being maintained by a human at all, which seems pretty skeezy. Granted, I don't think it's illegal, but I hope it's against Google's TOS. Hell, I'm not allowed to say "please click on my Google ads!" too often or I'll get threatened by Adsense emails threatening to stop paying me. It's actually happened to me.

Meanwhile, this dude gets away with it.

Orignal From: Bizarro Auto-Blogging For Google Adsense Revenue