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Due to the writers strike, NBC's Bionic Woman reportedly has shut down production ahead of its slated close on Dec. 12. Sister cable net Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Gallactica reportedly will shut down production at the end of the week. It was scheduled to shoot through March.

I know I speak for every fan of good Television when I say:

Bionic Woman is still on??

Who gives a CRAP about Bionic Woman?? It should stay dark! Anyone who has given Battlestar Galactica a try knows that if there's ONE set of writers that deserves to make more money it's the guys on Battlestar Galactica.

Based on how good that show is alone, mind you. Add the fact that it's core-audience tend to be tech-savvy (thank you very much!) and watch the show via other methods than the idiot box, and you have another reason to pay these writers more. Hell, I can't remember the last time I actually watched BSG as it aired on the SciFi channel.

COME ON, UNIVERSAL! You and your studio brethren need to get with the program and SHARE THAT DIGITALLY-MADE WEALTH. I'm starting to imagine that I'll be able to recognize studio executives walking down the streets of Los Angeles by their tuxedos, top-hats and monocles.