OK, above is a screencap of the confirmation page I ended up at after I was done ordering my XO laptop at 3am this past Monday (November 12, 2007). Shortly after seeing this page, I sent an email to that green email address you see above asking when my XO would ship. Today I heard back. Here's exactly what they said:

Dear Pete,

We are currently producing laptops as they are requested. The first phase is expected to ship out just prior to the Holiday's (mid December). The
following ship times can range up to 4 months.

Thank you for your interest in One Laptop Per Child.

Donor Services

I guess this is where it hurts that they're a non-profit--they don't worry about customer satisfaction very much--we're waiting a month!! And that's (I'm hoping) if you ordered early.

That seems like an awful long time by today's standards. I was hoping to work on my novel with the XO, but if they don't ship until mid-December, I'll be done with the first draft by then. If it takes up to 4 months, I'll just about be going out of my mind!

All that aside, check out what they said in that first sentence again: "We are currently producing laptops as they are requested."

Based on that, it sounds like they are making XOs on-demand, so, they won't ever sell out, it would seem. However, they are stopping the order-taking in 12 days as I type this (go to XOgiving.org to get the latest days-left count), so if you're thinking about it, you've got that long to consider whether you want to get a cool little lappie for $424 (with shipping) and help a 3rd World kid get one, too.

Meanwhile, I'll be adding SD cards and thumb drives to my Amazon wishlists so I'll have plenty of storage come Christmas-time when my XO arrives. I've already come up with a name for my XO, so that won't pass the time at all ^_^
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