Hey, check it out--it's a hand-crank-powered media player. It runs most of your favorite audio and video formats and pictures too. It has an FM radio, a flash light, a voice recorder and can even charge your cell phone (at the cost of playing your media, I'm guessing). Of course, the screen is a little bit too small for most folks (just 1.8 inches) and the price is way too high for just 2 gigs of storage (even with an SD slot). This thing comes in at £155, which is like $8000 in US cash (ok, so it's more like $320 at current exchange rates).

Ah well, it's a nice start. Hopefully that price can come down a bit for the 2nd generation model. Oh and FYI, it was designed by Trevor Baylis, the same chap who brought us the original wind-up radio which he designed, according to a post at TreeHugger.com, "as a way of getting information on HIV/AIDS to remote African villagers. The success of that project spawned the brand Freeplay, who have dominated the self powered device market for the past decade."

Pretty cool pedigree.

Read more about the Eco Media Player at TreeHugger and/or UberGizmo.

Orignal From: Eco Media Player: Hand Crank-Powered