This is just a quick post, today, since I have yet to hear back from the OLPC folks regarding when my XO will ship. The rumor is that it'll be here by Christmas, but I hope that's an over-estimate. While we wait for my XO to arrive and for me to find the time to work with SugarOS some more, I'll be posting about other stuff regarding the XO. For today, I'd like to introduce to you the Fido project:

Yep, that's an OLPC XO laptop integrated with a Roomba. Well, specifically an "iRobot Create" which is like a Roomba minus the vacuum. In a nutshell, the creator, Damon Kohler, says they this thing allows him a web-controlled robotic-telepresence in his home. What that means is that he can control this thing from a web browser and he can have the XO snap a picture with its webcam and upload it so he can keep an eye on his home while he's away. Thanks to the Create, he can look all around his home, too. So, it sort of a nice little robotic sentry. Here's another vid:

If you know a thing or two about programming robots (or want to learn) you can check out precisely how to built your own XObot (though Damon calls the project "Fido") at here:

When I get my XO, I'll be using it for slightly more practical purposes, so I am curious if this is doable with other laptops. Like, perhaps a crappy, old Windows98 laptop I have laying around. ^_^

Orignal From: DOLPCXOLP: Turning the XO Into a Robot