OK, as I type this the XO is not available yet, but it will be in just 2.5 hours and odds are you're reading this after then, anyway :)

So, I thought I'd post a few XO-related links in case anyone is curious. However, first an explanation for anyone not familiar:

The XO laptop is the $200 laptop from One Laptop Per Child, the non-profit created by Nicholas Negroponte to create a super-cheap, low-power laptop that governments of 3rd World countries could afford to buy, one per child in their country.

It's a pretty innovative little lappie and they're going to make it available for ordering this very day at 6AM Eastern Time for $400--with that $400 you get an XO and you pay for a 3rd World kid to get one, as well.

For more on the XO, check out all of the posts on my blog about it here:

You can also check out the official XO laptop site:

The official XO wiki is here:

And independent news about the OLPC laptop is available here:

That last one is like TUAW.com for the XO.

I'll be Uttering and blogging on my XO-related experiences periodically. I've got an emulator that can run the OS that runs the XO, and before too long, my XO will get shipped to me and I'll be taking pictures and posting about that, too (while orders will be taken today, I've seen nothing about how quickly they'll ship).

More soon!
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