Man, I'm so psyched about the XO, it's like when I first got the money together to buy my 3g iPod back in the dark ages of 2003. I've been eyeing the calendar, watching the day on which OLPC, the non-profit behind the XO will allow us to place our orders for the XO laptop. Then, today, I got my reminder email! Check it out:

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The main selling point for me of the XO, itself, is its long battery life which is 15 hours, depending on how you use it, of course. I'm sure if you surf with wifi a lot or use the built-in webcam a lot you're likely to run down the battery a bit faster, but hey, you're still talking hella-longer than the average laptop. Hell, my beloved MacBook only goes for about three hours. I can't wait to use a laptop wirelessly all day.

Then, there's the added benefit of putting one of these in front of a kid in a 3rd World country. If it weren't for that, I'd probably be putting this purchase off. Living pretty much anywhere in America means you're likely to be in the to 15% of money makers in the world. I know it sounds weird, but the world's wealth (and therefore its education) is wildly and unevenly distributed. The XO laptop program, the OLPC non-profit and all of the copycats (eee pc, Classmate PC) are working to change all that. So, support the XO and OLPC and you support education around the world. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

For more on the XO, check out all of my posts on the OLPC laptop or check out which is an independently run blog about all things XO-related.

My only question now is, once we place our orders, how long until they ship???

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