This is where I get to start showing my independent stripes, folks. This is also where you get to show your commitment to the law and to morality when I start pointing out the bad things Democrats in power do. The Obamessiah, as some on the right call him sarcastically, is being looked at with an extreme level of hope from many in America. Yet, the reality is that Barack Obama is a politician like any other. When you're a politician, it's hard to keep your own hands clean, let alone the hands of your friends. That said, it's usually a good thing to avoid hiring lawyers who have defended terrorist-supporting mega-corporations as your top cop for the country.

This is what will happen if Eric Holder gets the job of attorney general, as is being reported in the news. Sure, he'd be the first black guy to run the Department of Justice, which is great, but check out what Democracy Now reported a couple days ago:

Since leaving public office, Holder has worked as a partner at the D.C. law firm of Covington & Burling. His clients have included the fruit giant Chiquita. Last week on Democracy Now!, journalist Mario Murillo criticized Holder's ties to Chiquita.

Mario Murillo: "There's been talk about a close ally and friend of Obama as a potential Attorney General for the United States, Eric Holder, who is currently defending Chiquita Brands International in its defense against dozens of plaintiffs here in Colombia, working families who were targeted by paramilitaries who were funded to the tune of $1.7 million over the last several years. It's a major scandal. And if this guy becomes the Attorney General under an Obama administration, then it's going to be really hard to find justice in this case coming from the United States."

In a speech to the American Constitution Society in June, Eric Holder said the next president must "move immediately to reclaim America's standing in the world as a nation that cherishes and protects individual freedom and basic human rights." Holder is an opponent of the death penalty but has called for stiffer penalties for some drug offensives. In 2005, he was part of the legal team that developed strategies for securing reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act.


And you thought Democracy Now was a left-leaning news source!

Actually, they are--which is what's scary about them going after stuff a Democrat is doing--if DN are lefties and they're pointing out bad stuff the Dems do, does that mean the Dems are... <em>righties?</em>

Regardless, good for DN for sticking to their morals and not bowing to politically correct pressure (YAY! A black man!) or partisan political pressure (YAY! A Democrat!).

Just so you know that Democracy Now isn't the only one who is saying Holder defended a major American corporation against people suing because said corporation supported terrorists, here's a little excerpt from Holder's article:

In 2004, Holder helped negotiate an agreement with the Justice Department for Chiquita Brands International in a case that involved Chiquita's payment of "protection money" to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a group on the U.S. government's list of terrorist organizations.

Double-yikes! When it's put that way, you can really see how this guy was morally corrupt. He defended a corporation that just had to do business in Columbia that they paid a terrorist group to NOT kill them--of course, they had to know that protection money would fund the killing of others.

But hey, they have a right to make a living, right? Just like those De Beers guys, even when people die for it.

So, this, apparently, is the change we need. A black guy (great!) who doesn't seem to mind defending companies that pay folks to kill (not so great). Not that I wish McCain had won--his picks would have been even worse--I'm sure he would have gone with someone like John Negroponte, who some know as the American diplomat to Honduras who didn't seem to mind Honduran deathsquads on his watch.

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