Every Friday I review the latest anime that I've watched recently. This week, it's Macross II

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Positive Experience/Entertaining? Sure, but only in a way that most un-crappy Japanese animation is. Lots of explosions, sexy anime women and transforming robots.

Technically any good? First off, this isn't a movie. It's a video series they cut together to make a "movie." I'm feel lucky they left the Japanese language track on it since I seem to recall too many "movie" versions of anime series being in English only. Speaking of which, the acting is just fine. The animation is more like Macross: Do You Remember Love than the original Macross series, which is a good thing. However, the story is the pits. It's still got the love triangle that Macross fans love, but the music is kind of peripheral and the alien stuff just feels trite and cliche after watching everything else in the Macross Saga. The action was fun, but if you don't care whether characters live or die there's not much excitement in things going boom.

How did it leave me feeling? Disappointed. I just can't recommend this one. I suppose if you're a Macross purist you should check it out, if only to know how not good it was. This was the first attempt at a real sequel to the original series and thankfully, later attempts were much more successful at being entertaining.

Final Rating? DNS - Do Not See. Just check out Macross Frontier. Let's just pretend that's the final chapter in the saga. ^_^