The screencap in this post comes from an article dated today, entitled "Regulators: Bailout is working" and is just more evidence, to me, of how stupid our government thinks we are. It's also nice evidence of how the media either thinks we're morons or are morons themselves.

Seriously, how much more crap from our government are we going to buy? Like anyone in a position of leadership saying anything means anything to me since they've all been so wrong over the last 8 years.

The Obama folks coming in better restore some fricken respect to their positions because the spineless way the Dems have allowed the Republicans to get away with all this stuff has not won them any points from me.

I remember back during the Clinton years how the Repubs said Clinton "besmirched" the office of the President for cheating on his wife and then lying about it. Yeah, well, Bush did a helluva lot worse than besmirch it and what happened to him?


Well done, Democrat kids! Enjoy trying to regain my trust.

Oh and talking mean to Paulsen, Bernanke or even the car guys doesn't count.

Let the American automakers die and replace Paulsen with someone who has a fucking clue about money. Take some action, losers. DO SOMETHING.

As for Bernanke? I think we're stuck with him for 12 more years, or so. Good thing he's the people's banker--oh wait, we don't elect the Federal Reserve Chairman.

I almost forgot.

The way our financial system is set up, it's a little like the fox not only guarding the hen house but managing it, supplying it and hiring the hens.

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