Well, once I set a password for my account I was able to control what
my subdomain was and so now my Posterous.com address is
thepete.posterous.com. Nice and easy to remember. Too bad they
couldn't end up with Chi.mp's domain extension--that'd make it even
easier to remember. Anyway, so my formatting test worked really well,
which is great. With this post I'm testing cross-posting to Facebook,
Flickr and ThePete.Com. So, if you're reading this post on
ThePete.Com, YAY!

The image attached to this post is a screencap from my good old XO.
That's Mesh Networking in action. Which reminds me, I've got to blog
about their new Give 1 Get 1 program which begins today, I believe,
over at Amazon.com/xo

Why not go check it out now? For $400 you can buy yourself an XO and
a kid in the 3rd World one! Pretty cool, huh? I did this last year
and would do it again if I had the money. It's a great cause (though,
I did stop using my XO because of the OS being rather limiting--but
I'll be giving the updated OS a try soon). More on the XO soon!

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