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Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely--in a very depressing, disturbing way.

Technically any good? It's not the tightest docu in the world for sure--also, it seems to cover the same ground a couple of times and it also seems to suggest that the national debt has something to do with the personal debts of individual Americans--which it is NOT (check out I.O.U.S.A. for that, I hear). However, it gets a lot of other stuff right (I've done my research) and actually predicts everything we've experienced economically over the past 6 months. From subprime loans to individuals with too many credit cards, this 2 year-old documentary nails it.

How did it leave me feeling? A little depressed--the film tries to suggest how we can stop the coming problems, but obviously, we know that none of it worked. :\ Still, it's a nice history lesson for next time. :(

Final Rating? GSN - GO SEE NOW - and learn about some of the things that caused this mess.