I'm a huge fan of 12seconds.tv--they're a site that lets you record 12 second video clips and they function as a sort of "Twitter for video" kind of deal. Once they start supporting auto-cross-posting to WP blogs I'll be tempted to stop text blogging all together because shooting 12 second-long vids is so much easier/fun.

Anyway, so they put together a 7 minute video compilation of 12 second clips from their site that best covered the story of the election, from the campaign, to voting to Election Day and beyond. My clip shows up at 0:50 and is the clip of the House passing the bailout bill. Check out the whole video here:

12seconds.tv - Decision 2008 as told by our badass 12ers from Jacob Knobel on Vimeo.

The sad thing is that I shot a bunch of stuff in Times Square that never got recorded anywhere thanks to Qik, Flixwagon and the iPhone. Streaming video technology is still pretty damn flaky. I've had it work consistently on several unimportant occasions only to fail when I needed it most. Election Night was a perfect example of this, where 2 second clips would show up on Qik or nothing would show up at all on Flixwagon. Major disappointment.

Of course, if Steve Jobs could just allow iPhone users to stream from our phones without having to jailbreak them, perhaps we could shoot videos and then email them to 12s and other video sites, but noooo, for some stupid reason we have to trust 3rd parties to work up hacks that don't always work.

This'll be the last time I trust streaming video, alone, to cover a major historical event, I can tell you that much for free...