American Election History, originally uploaded by thepetecom.

Four years ago, on this day, many of us said to the rest of the world,


Today, we hope our apology has been accepted!

Here we are 12+ hours later and the numbers are still coming in. I'd

like to take this moment to say thank you to all of my fellow

Americans for coming out and voting. If my math is right, almost 120 MILLION

people voted yesterday. If my memory serves (along with my math

skills) that's over a third of America--not over a third of registered

voters--but over a third of ALL Americans.

That's pretty damn kick-ass.

Of course, all you idiots out in California who voted "yes" on prop 8

should have your brains in for a tune-up. You want to ban gay

marriage? Is the institution of straight marriage that weak?

My only question now, as an indy voter, is when can we start going

after Obama for breaking campaign promises?

Like when's my pre-winter stimulus check going to find it's way to my

bank account, HUH?