OK, so me going down to Times Square to stream live video was largely a bust. If it weren't for the wonderful personal experience of going down there I'd have wished I'd stayed at home. That said, I did get some video streamed and other video shot on a still camera that shoots video. I also took a bunch of pics. I'll post those all tomorrow.

But don't think that just because Obama won that our election system is somehow perfect and not in need of serious overhaul!

There is still PLENTY wrong with our system and the ONLY reason and I mean the ONLY REASON we can trust that Obama really won was because there was a serious lead--4.5 million more voters wanted Obama than wanted McCain. That's a clear win and no one could fake that many votes. Once again, there is still an awful lot that can and did go wrong in this election and I've got the links to prove it. However, I'm too damn tired after having shared this cathartic evening with a few thousand fellow New Yorkers jammed into Times Square. Want to see some of the footage I was able to stream? Head over to 12seconds.tv/channel/ThePete for a few 12 second chunks or head to qik.com/thepete for longer chunks. I'll post better video and more video (and edited down video) tomorrow along with more links to stories about voting irregularities.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few 12seconds.tv video clips:

Qik Video on 12seconds.tv

TOAST PRESIDENT OBAMA pt1 on 12seconds.tv