Well, I knew it couldn't last.

Upon returning from my own adventure voting, I came across a post from fellow New Yorker Steve Isaacs in the FriendFeed US Politics room where he said that "Everyone here in New York is saying the voting is a nightmare. Hours of waiting." Of course, I'm not--my voting experience was a breeze. No line, ten minutes in line and voila.

Of course, not everyone is as lucky as us NorMas (North Manhattanites) and leave it to good old BradBlog.com to come through with the stories. Check 'em out:

Machine Problem Reports Increasing in VA, PA, FL...
'Extensive Reports' Coming in to Problem Hotline of Machines in Philly 'Simply Not Working'...
Wow--seems CNN and 866-myvote1 are reporting that a number of malfunctioning machines are being reported in...

key states, like Pennsylvania, Virgian and Florida," And yes, as predicted, problems in Philadelphia where "there are extensive reports of machines simply not working.


108 Hart InterCivic Voting Machines Removed from Service by Judge in KY
Order Follows Straight-Party Ballot Failures Reported to be Affecting 'Tightly Contested State Senate Race'...
This is interesting because it reminds us this isn't just about the White House. It could be your senator or congressperson who might lose thanks to election irregularities.

Amazingly, here comes CNN.com with a couple stories:

Scattered problems reported in historic U.S. vote
Virginia, North Carolina scanners can't read damp ballots
Scrambled registrars' books quickly reprinted in Kansas City, Missouri
Some incomplete ballots rejected in Palm Beach County, Florida
Ohio secretary of state's office anticipates 80 percent turnout rate

The headline's use of the word "scattered" makes the instances seem not that big a deal. However, when you read just the story highlights, it's obvious things have been pretty messy in a few different places.

Did I say CNN had a "couple" stories? I meant ONE story. Ugh. Thank goodness they've spent time reporting on "The inventor behind CNN's election 'Magic Wall'," though. PULITZER FOR CNN PLEASE (or not).

Luckily, we have MSNBC that actually did supply a couple stories on folks having trouble voting today:

‘I have never seen anything like this’
Historically high turnout expected as some wait hours to cast their ballot
Amazingly enough LOTS of people are voting today! Some polling places are unprepared. Silly polling places!! Elections are for voters!! Someone must really invent an emoticon for rolling eyes.

Polling officials deal with early glitches
Electronic voting machines faulty in N.J.; wet ballots in Virginia
Haven't you heard? NEVER get your ballots wet and NEVER FEED THEM AFTER MIDNIGHT! They'll only spawn recounts!! Sorry, just trying to stay light ^_^ Seems MSNBC is covering the same story as CNN, but using different words. ;) That's a good thing since more people are hearing about the same instances.

There are a few new posts over at bbvforums.org but not as much as I was expecting.

MSNBC.com does have some nice pics on their main page of various polling places (including one set up in a laundromat). You might also check out videothevote.org/video to watch videos of people voting (or trying to vote).