YAY--this is kinda like Christmas for me--well, if it weren't for all the work I'm doing following the news and trying to spot any stories on election irregularities. So far, I've spotted a handful of instances, but my voting experience was as smooth as silk--well, aside from the technical glitches.

OH and the technical glitches had NOTHING at all to do with voting--which was GREAT. I was trying to stream video from inside the booth using Flixwagon, but it crashed and then only uploaded a few seconds of footage. Qik.com, on the other hand, saved the day. Some of the footage in this vlog entry was shot on my iPhone via Qik.com. Plus TheWife told me she was able to watch me vote from my website. Pretty cool, huh?

So here it is--proof I voted for a black man! We're totally living in the future now!

Once you vote black, you don't go back!!

(I've been waiting for weeks to say that! :P)

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