It's approaching late morning here in the east and CNN has yet to change their mobile news page to reflect any updates in the polls. COME ON, CNN--we already know Dixville Notch went to Obama--why not reflect that in your electorals count???? ;) Still, seems stupid of CNN to just leave it at "0%" for 10 hours.

OK, so here's what's up--I was up. That is, I was up until 3am last night trying to work out and implement a way for me to deliver streaming video to my site without wasting space with a giant Flash player that does nothing when I'm not streaming live. And guess what! I pulled it off! The baby logo on my site is now a Flash player in itself that will just display a short movie of the baby face over and over but will be replaced once I start streaming live video--pretty sweet, huh?

So, I wicked overslept, and I apologize. Here's what I've missed:

Things actually do seem a little calm right now. The Black Box Voting forums field-report section is fairly quiet (here: ) and hasn't updated since last night. TheMSM isn't saying much (though that proves nothing) beyond talking about long lines in some areas. But aside from that, not much going on. I'm going to go to jump in the shower real quick and then go vote, myself. I'll be streaming LIVE from inside the booth. So watch for it!!

All day I'll be watching broadcast TV and CNN's stream online while hitting as many news sources I can find watching for voting irregularity stories. Around 6pm, I'll be breaking from coverage and heading down to Times Square--I'll be on a short quest for free coffee from Starbucks, a free donut from Dunkin Donuts, and free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's--though if the lines are long I'll just stick to Starbucks where I'll use their wifi to liveblog from. At 7pm I'll be watching until 10pm when a special hour-long Daily Show will be broadcast on one of the giant screens in Times Square. I'll be live streaming during that, too.

OK, better get the day underway now that I've overslept!! :P

In the meantime, check out the video TheWife shot this morning as she voted:

I can't believe the day is finally here! More soon!