It's right around now when I get butterflies--tomorrow will be either the best Christmas ever--or the worst! Regardless, there is still plenty of coverage of voting irregularities out there, though it was a slow weekend (hence the lack of a Sunday "daily" DID post). Here is the latest news from around the web:

Even early risers see long lines for weekend voting
Hundreds stood in line Saturday in Plantation, Florida, before polling center opened
More than 23 million early ballots had been collected in 25 states by Friday
WRAL: Early-voting line four hours long Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina

Excitement, frustration as early voters brave long lines
Six-hour wait at early-voting center in Columbus, Ohio, caller tells CNN Voter Hotline
Some callers express surprise at waits around country; others frustrated
More than 4 million early ballots have been cast in Florida
CNN Voter Hotline,1-877-462-6608, will track voter problems through Election Day

If I can just jump in here--I don't get why there are all these long lines--how do our leaders get off not supplying enough machines for early voting? The American people are finally working out how important this election is and this is how we are treated when we show up early? Sheesh. I am glad CNN is covering this, though. Kudos to them for, you know, doing their job.

Prepare for chaos: U.S. electoral system warned it 'can't cope' as historic number of voters cast their ballot for McCain/Obama
The American presidential election could descend into electoral chaos on Tuesday as unprecedented numbers of voters turn out to cast their ballot in a system that is largely untested.

The United States has an electoral system that is not organised, designed or funded to cope with 'anywhere near a 100 per cent turnout', a director of a leading independent electoral reform group has said.

High Turnout May Add to Problems at Polling Places
Millions of voters will encounter an unfamiliar low-tech landscape at the polls on Tuesday. About half of all voters will vote in a way that is different from what they did in the last presidential election, and most will use paper ballots rather than the touch-screen machines that have caused concern among voting experts.
Not sure what the heck the NYT is talking about here since from everything I've read it's more likely to be the opposite--with more people using computerized balloting. Regardless, the NYT article begins with a picture of an 81 year-old man who says the machine on which he voted for Obama almost registered a vote for someone else. Vote Flipping--yaaaay! WAIT--I mean--BOOOOO!!

E-voting worries linger as Election Day nears
After a presidential election eight years ago that seemed like it would never end, politicians pledged to prevent a second round of hanging chads, manual recounts, and U.S. Supreme Court arguments. The idea was to spend up to $3.9 billion to replace punch card voting machines of the sort that Florida accidentally made famous.

By including strict requirements that newly purchased machines "be accessible" to blind and disabled voters, Congress all but mandated electronic voting machines with touch screens. But Washington politicians--not known for their tech-savvy in the best of times--neglected to include even rudimentary security and verifiability requirements.
Nice to see CNET covering this story, though I think that headline is pretty funny seeing as the article is dated today. REALLY, Mr. CNET Headline-Writer?? Is Election Day near? (It's tomorrow!)

Obama: Do Not Concede!
Mark Crispin Miller said it: There are two types of people in the world; those who address election integrity issues, and the happy people.
TELL me about it. I've been following this stuff just a bit longer than Michael Jay, the writer of the above-linked blog post at HuffPo, and yeah, it's downright scary to realize that we have no hard numbers that prove Bush has been rightfully in the White House all of this time. Regardless of who wins on TV, tomorrow, I hope things are MUCH clearer than they were in 2000 and 2004, and if they aren't I really hope the loser does not concede until we know for sure (even if it's McCain).

Wow--what's really scary is that I haven't even gotten to the coverage over at! Just do a Google News search for the phrase "vote flipping" and you'll see just how many news sources (mainstream and not) are talking about this problem. But I digress:

Democrats Continue to Defend Their Indefensible Election Protection Efforts
Still in Denial, Obama's Attorney Describes Serious Concerns About Voting Machines and More as 'Hyperbole'
Argues 'More Votes Lost From Incompetence Than Fraud or Oppression'...
See, this is JUST like the Democrats to assume the best (that incompetence is more likely than straight-up fraud). Regardless, facts are facts, and computers can be programmed to do anything--including vote-flipping. I don't know why the damn Dems are so trusting!! They trusted the system to work the last two presidential elections and look who "won"!! They trusted Bush to use the power to go to war wisely and look what happened! They trusted him when he said Saddam was a threat and look what happened. 911, Katrina, the economy?

W. T. F.

Judge Orders CO to 'Cease And Desist' Voter Purges, Demands Ballots Be Counted
Important Ruling Places Onus On Elections Officials to Prove Voter Ineligibility...
Imagine that, the concept of being "innocent until proven guilty" still exists in America! I thought it had gone extinct! How nice of the Colorado state gov to assume you are telling the truth when you open your mouth.

How cynical a world do we live in??

What's the Matter with Voting in Philadelphia? Answer: Marge Tartaglione (D)
Jesus. This is what/who voters in Philadelphia are being forced to deal with,
The "this" Friedman refers to in that excerpt is Marge Tartaglione, the Dem who is, in part, in charge of elections in Philadelphia. This woman is a train wreck. Usually I just link to the stories at the BradBlog, but Brad includes a great video that features Tartaglione comparing voters waiting in line to vote to gadget freaks standing in line for iPods. That has got to be the modern equivalent to the phrase "let them eat cake."

Anyway, so here's the video so you can see for yourself just how frivolously this Pennsylvania election official takes the responsibility of voting:

That woman is the Wicked Witch of Philly!

Finally, on Friday, it seems that the mighty Oprah, herself, had trouble voting:

'I went back to check it, it had not recorded my presidential vote!' Says Terrified, Potentially Disenfranchised Queen of Television...
NOW UPDATED With Much More Useful Info for Oprah and Others Who Do Not Understand These Voting Systems, or What to do If the Same Thing Happens To You...
Yep, the Queen of all Media had trouble voting. Luckily, she was doing her job as a citizen and was paying attention when the machine didn't show that she had voted for You-Know-Whobama. Eventually things were worked out and she was satisfied that she had her proper vote registered. Too bad she voted on a computerized ballot machine. This means there's ultimately no way to know for sure her vote will be counted.

OK, that's all for now! Please stay tuned for more election-related posts, including a post on what you should do if you have trouble voting.