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Sorry, starting to feel a little tired--good thing the election is the

day after tomorrow!

Still, deep down, anti-women's-choice people really do feel they have

the right to force women to stay pregnant no matter what. It's as

though these people think if women stop having babies humanity will

die off or something. Full grown people die every day--some in

unjustified wars based on lies, but these people will be damned before

they let a woman decide what she lets live inside of her.

Women are but holy vessels for God's life-giving power!

OR they are living, breathing, thinking people with the same rights as


I'm anti-abortion myself, but you'll note that I am pro-choice.

Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death."

That was Henry saying "I will kill and/or die for my freedom."

But I think it is safe to say that Henry wasn't flippant about killing

a person.

If it's OK to go over to Iraq to kill for Iraqi freedom, I'd say it's

just as right to allow a woman to have an abortion if she wants to be

free of health issues, complications and sometimes even death. In

fact, I'd say an abortion is easier to tie to freedom-fighting than an

invasion of Iraq.