A few days ago, Twitter user SRivera posted a link to an article at Telegraph.co.uk:

IMF may need to "print money" as crisis spreads
The International Monetary Fund may soon lack the money to bail out an ever growing list of countries crumbling across Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia, raising concerns that it will have to tap taxpayers in Western countries for a capital infusion or resort to the nuclear option of printing its own money.

Yeah, that's right, the IMF might have to print its own money. Here's a bit from that article:

The IMF, led by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has the power to raise money on the capital markets by issuing `AAA' bonds under its own name. It has never resorted to this option, preferring to tap members states for deposits.

The nuclear option is to print money by issuing Special Drawing Rights, in effect acting as if it were the world's central bank. This was done briefly after the fall of the Soviet Union but has never been used as systematic tool of policy to head off a global financial crisis.

"The IMF can in theory create liquidity like a central bank," said an informed source. "There are a lot of ideas kicking around."

Yeah--and conspiracy folks thought we'd be seeing the "Amero" before the NWO fully kicked in, but if suddenly the IMF becomes the "Federal Reserve" of planet Earth, that'd kinda remove economic sovereignty (at a basic level, at least) away from each nation.

First Globalism, now... Galactism?

I wonder if aliens believe in the free market...