Compliments of ThePete and

Are you like me? Would you have actually voted for McCain in 2000 had

he won the Repub primary if Bush hadn't? Do you wonder what happened

to that John McCain who ran 8 years ago? I do. I miss that man--he was

a leader with integrity and honor. So what happened?

It seems to me that he made a deal with Bush. "Support me in

everything, vote with me 90% of the time, support the war, vote

against the toture ban, support me in the 2004 debates, as a huge

storm hits New Orleans you are to put celebrating my birthday with me

above any concerns for Katrina victims (McCain brought a cake). Do all

of this and I'll give you all of my psycho amoral campaign guys so you

can definitely get elected in 2008."

To which McCain responded, "Yes, Godfather...and may your first child

be a masculine child..."

"Thank you. Now kiss the ring... And pull my finger! Heh-heh-heh!"

All right, so that may not be exactly how the exchange went, but you

have to admit the change from 1999 McCain (honor, real patriotism) to

2008 McCain (says whatever is required to get elected) is pretty