When I'm not blogging about politics and current events, I like to have FUN by designing custom toys. There's a great feeling of control you get from drawing on a white piece of pre-molded vinyl or plastic. It's a feeling you just don't get from everyday life.

You know, that feeling you can control anything at all, ever. :)

Above is a screencap of a Flickr photoset I just created featuring progress shots of a piece called "EyeRobot."

He started out life as a blank Egg Qee I picked up at the Giant Robot store here in Manhattan.

Not sure where I was coming from as the design developed in my head, but I started drawing and the first thing that came to me was that big eye.

He's basically done, but I have to apply a clear coat and then put him together.

See the pictures in my Flickr photoset here: http://flickr.com/…394893430/
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