Back on October 14, 2008, Democracy Now included a clip of part of a speech Barack Obama was giving at some damn campaign stop, I don't know--but he said something that kind of intrigued me. Here's a quote from the transcript of the headlines from that day on Democracy Now's show (get the original here: ): I’m calling on Congress to pass a plan so that the IRS will mail out the first round of those tax cuts as soon as possible. We should get you a rebate in your pockets to deal with heating your homes this winter, making sure that—making sure that you can afford the new coat for your child or maybe even a new computer to help them in school.

Really? You want to pass an economic stimulus bill that will put money in our pockets BEFORE the winter?? Dude--when George W. Bush bought our votes back in 2000 (remember that extra $300?), we had to wait until after he got inaugurated to get our payments!

Truth be told, I didn't actually vote for him but got a "thanks for your vote" check anyway. Ah well--he should have paid us all a lot more for what he would put us through, but I digress.

Obama making this promise to us to put money "in our pockets" feels like pandering--he wants to pay us now for our votes, rather than wait for us to vote and then pay us.

What's wrong with paying us for our votes?

These days: nothing.

That's right, I said it. Our lives are based around money so much as it is--we want to vote for the candidate that will allow us to be the most prosperous and tax us the least, right?

This is why we hear so much about "tax cuts for the middle class" or "letting businesses thrive." It's because we all want to make money. When our candidates run for office the one who spends the most generally wins because he or she can spend more money on running ads that make them look good (or ads that make their opponent look bad).

So, why bother with any of this campaigning and these speeches? Why not just put the presidency up for auction and let the highest bidder get it? Then the money they use to buy the office can be divided up and spread amongst each American "voter."

Seems like we're practically already there. And since I haven't heard anything about McCain wanting to give me a check before winter hits (hell, I'm an Angeleno in NYC, winter's already here, bitch!) I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to do.

So, here's my vote for sale!!

What's that, Senator O'Bama? You want to give me up to $1000 before the winter comes? Well, my vote is...

SOLD to the man in the dark skin!

All joking aside, this is no joke. Our system is so very much manipulated by money it's practically hypocritical that we bother caring who is even running. We need to be more like the UK--they have caps on time and money spent on the campaign. How you spend your money is NOT a form a self-expression when it comes to politics. It's a form of country-manipulation.

Sadly, it's the system we've got and if we don't vote for the black man this time around, we get yet another white man--and they've all done so well for us in 232 years!! HOW many wars? HOW many economic depressions, recessions and crashes? HOW many American soldiers and innocent foreigners dead for corporate greed and conquest--aka wars?.

Sorry, I just knew I couldn't go out on a joke. :(