Yesterday, I posted on some problems people were having in West Virginia when they tried to vote Obama only to watch their votes switch to McCain (read my post here:…es-in-w-va ) but who else is talking about voting problems today? may be covering Florida's attempts to get things right this time around (here:…index.html ) but generally, the mainstream media seems to be ignoring the issue of voting problems. Even looked like it had a video about the story up, but after looking at their Florida story, I went back to watch the video but it was gone. I even went to their video page and couldn't find it. Meanwhile, here are some other sites that are posting about voting problems:

"Voters in W.Va. Say Electronic Voting Machines Switched their Obama Votes to McCain"…36332.html

WV Voting Machines Switch Votes from Obama to McCain…/headlines

Attention Voters: Here's What You Have to Do to Make Sure You Get to Vote…t_to_vote/

This next headline is my favorite:

Voting Machines Switch Votes; Officials Blame Voters…chine.html

Yeah, because touchscreen voting machines ARE SO TRICKY. Don't insult our intelligence and suggest that people are rock-stupid enough to not be able to touch a box on a screen.

Here's a cool, interactive map that shows you just how hackable each state's vote is:…/index.php

Hear of any voting irregularities? Post about them! Blog 'em, Tweet 'em, Utter 'em, comment here about 'em--just make sure you bring them up!
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