Talk about weird coincidence. TheWife and I went out to see "W." tonight (watch for a Pocket Review tomorrow) and who does @Siskita notice on the way out but the guy who directed the damn film!

How do ya like that? Come all the way from Los Angeles to the Big Apple and we bump into a filmmaker. Go fig. Just wish I had a copy of my book on me. It's jammed with conspiracy stuff--he'd totally love it.

The good news is that "W." is well done. The odd news is that it's not a terribly deep film and seems to take only from the media as its source. Still that doesn't stop it from being entertaining.

When I shook his hand I told him the movie was great--I probably should have said "very good" instead. Ah well. I've met famous people before and I still get a little starstruck--even though I think he's kind of an asshole in real life. Still, he's a great filmmaker.

ANYway, watch for my review tomorrow :)

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