Truth be told, I didn't get very far into the article that the above screencap came from. I didn't need to get very far into it to realize that Adbusters, a group I've respected in the past, has stopped being a discerning, critical voice speaking against hegemony and has become part of the problem.

In a blog post from ten days ago (here:…trike.html ) they make the claim that they are, in fact, behind the spending slowdown America is experiencing. They claim it all started with their "Buy Nothing Day" and "Turn Off TV Week" and it slowly grew from there.

"Culturejammers" they claim, took things further and began "advocating a General Consumption Strike as the appropriate tool for reshaping the basis of our economies."

Someone even wrote a manifesto that was "printed in the pages of Adbusters, emailed to friends and discussed in cafes."

Wow, cafes, you say? WOW. That's like SERIOUS distribution!

Then they say: "And now, at the brink of an economic collapse, increasing numbers are joining the Consumption Strike. Already our actions are having profound consequences. The New York Times reports that consumer spending is down sharply, the first quarterly decline in two decades link and that consumer borrowing fell for the first time in a decade. And according to the Wall Street Journal our general decrease in consumption is putting retailers out of business and pushing mall vacancy rates to their highest level in seven years."

Pardon me while I ROFLMAO.

Guys at Adbusters, I hate to break it to you, but people aren't rejecting capitalism. They're not following your proud teachings.

People aren't buying stuff because of one simple reason:


They're not turning off their TVs because you guys told them to. They're doing it because the INTERNET IS COOLER.

I didn't sell my car in 2003 because I was moved by some campaign organized by a bunch of activist types. I sold it because I got tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year on a vehicle that spewed toxins and wasted space.

I didn't stop watching TV because of "Turn Off TV Week", I stopped watching TV BECAUSE TV IS STUPID.

Seriously, what you guys have done is become part of the problem.

You guys bitch and moan about how lame the system is--how everything's shallow and consumption-oriented. You tell the system to stop telling you what to do.

But how do you do it? By telling all of us what to do.

You want to replace someone else's hegemonic "ism" with your own. Why not let us all decide for ourselves what is best for ourselves?

Claiming credit for influencing people, is just trying to capitalize (!) on the misfortune we're all experiencing. It's like at the Wall Street rally I went to a few weeks back where people were handing out communism flyers because clearly the ONLY alternative to capitalism is communism!

Fight isms with isms. Good plan, guys.

Ever worry that maybe your ism isn't the one, true ism?

Ever worry that one ism doesn't fit all?

Ever worry that you might be full of shit?

Ever worry that pulling the same old cliched, holier-than-thou crap liberals are famous for might cost you the support of people who actually support your cause?

You should worry...

...because that's what's happened with me.

You guys are just as bad as anyone else trying to get their way. Trying to determine what's right for everyone is simply wrong--even if you insist that it's for our own good.

And this lying you're doing to your own followers, that's just wrong, too. Man, I never even heard of "Turn Off Your TV Week" before reading that article and you want me to believe you're responsible for people watching less TV?

Screw you guys.

Thanks for getting greedy and missing the point of your own existence.
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