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Positive Experience/Entertaining? Not at all. It's a shame, too, since a woman's right to vote is incredibly important and this story is incredibly important.

Technically any good? NO. While the acting was fine, it didn't matter. Every damn line in this movie was a cliche or contrived or both. The movie's story is odd and meandering. The editing is terrible--it's cut like a music video. There are something like six or seven montage sequences in the movie. Where I come from you resort to a montage when you simply can't tell the story any other way--with so many montages, you can imagine how much trouble the filmmakers had telling the story the rest of the time. Also, the music is completely inappropriate for a movie about an important historical event. Do you want techno music playing over the signing of the bill that gave women the vote in the US? Me neither. Don't watch this movie.

How did it leave me feeling? Very disappointed. It's a shame that such an important story was so dumbed-down and simplified for a music-video style movie. I seriously don't know what they were thinking. The movie trivializes something incredibly serious. It's pretty unbelievable that this movie is as bad as it is.

Final Rating? DNS - DO NOT SEE. Seriously. It made me feel stupid for watching it.