So imagine my horror of logging on to Flickr whilst here on holiday and being greeted with the new layout! I am not giving up on Flickr just yet as it holds too many memories for me and is the place where I met some very special friends, including my best friend, so I feel I can't abandon it completely (not to mention that I only renewed my pro account in April so I am not going to waste it lol). However, I have been looking to start afresh for a little while as I was getting too muddled on Flickr so at the moment Ipernity seems like the ideal place to do that.

Some of you may know from over on Flickr that I am having to rehaul my dolly family at the moment as I need to pay for some expensive dental bills so a lot of my beloved dolls are having to find new homes. So this is a fresh start for me both in terms of sharing photos but also as to the direction my doll family will be taking.

thanks to everyone who has added me as a contact so far. I look forward to our new community here on Ipernity and hope to upload some proper pictures as soon as I am back from holiday :)