According to the Ipernity Act of 1863 it is required that all members join the Queensbury Group! The amendment of 1873 adds the Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall group to this list! '... members will join, as part of their agreement, the aforementioned groups or forefeit the sum of three pounds two shillings and six pence annually, or part there of, until such time as said groups are joined'.

In 1888 the Act was modified to require 'all members who here joined said site (Ipernity) are required as part of their duties to praise all works of said Genius (Me, of course) in the most superflous and grandiose manner. Further, works depicting aforesaid most hallowed site in the entire cosmos (that would be Queensbury - but you knew that) will receive special attention, all such works being treated as the best thing ever to be seen by the eyes of any member here joined.'

The Ipernity Act and be found on a stray quarter pixel on page 3.6 of the IAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions).

If the above translates into 'Foreign' and makes sense, then I won't be getting a job in Brussels any time soon! :-)