Since the Flickr redesign my enthusiasm for posting my photos as gone way down!

It's not so much the redesign itself, love it or hate it it's there to stay, but the way in which it was done - without warning! Even more worrying is the response to that, very little! Most articles and Flickr members focus on the new design, when the questions should really have been asked about that - the end result, Yahoo got a green light to do what it likes when it likes, even from those it upset! Of course other internet companies where no doubt watching - so expect other over night changes!

So little wonder that, while Ipernity may not change like Flickr (that would be suicide, as most of the new members here are coming from Flickr, and the groups and contacts are not so established), I can't really feel the confidence in it to really commit!

With a growing back log of photos, and them not being in order - which is how I like them - I'm finding myself asking, should I just abandon all this for now!

It was good at Flickr, it felt stable, permanent and reliable, but now...... well, who can tell! Will they just delete the entire site without warning! What of here, will they give in to the 'popular design' (is it popular if it's about the only one on offer?)! Will Yahoo offer the staff here more money than they could make, in the short term, to buy this site - would they turn it down? We cannot know the answers, but still, the Flickr change casts it's shadow over more than that site!

The fun is gone, where can I find it?